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CHINA TRADE WAR: "Make Trade, Not War." 

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Fox News Trish Regan vs CGTN's Liu Xin had a much hyped live broadcast showdown today. The debate, organised on Twitter, was in English and was broadcast live on Fox. View the 16-minute debate here:

(Can't see the video above? Try this link.) While the debate was in English, the interest across Chinese social media has been strong. THINGS TO NOTE:

  • China is behaving and acting like the adult in the room. America is beginning to look defensive as a result.

  • Cross-cultural communication takes effort. Liu Xin's English is impeccable; I don't know what level of Mandarin Trish Regan has reached.

  • Clear, respectful communication was possible only because both sides made great efforts - and even then, technology proved a challenge.

Maybe you're trying to just get through the trade war. Take some tips from Liu Xin, and start to build a cultural bridge to value.

A great place to start is checking how China Business Ready you are. Here's where to start:

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