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Art of Influence

What is influence? And why does influence matter?

As a young boy I lost the most influential person in my life very early on - my father. Through the absence of this incredibly important role model in my life, I suddenly understood the importance of the influence of my father.

We are each inspired by role models. People that step up for us, one way or another, who become guides to take us somewhere that our humanity needs to go. But who is there to teach us? Who can help us to go from where we are now, to that safe place where we have the self-confidence to be self-expressed in ways that are meaningful to help others?

I've invested decades in honing my storytelling skills, then training others and eventually training the trainers, the influencers who help others. Simon Said This is about sharing my voice in a way that supports you to come into a clearer sense of how your voice can be heard.

Real influence is about engagement. That your stakeholders are seeing the value in what you're saying to such a degree that they act on your words. So the concept of Simon Said This is to think about what you're saying and how you're saying it. This naturally leads to who you are being, and what you are doing, because your audience is observing your example.

Which is why i place a lot of emphasis on who I am being and what I am doing, as an example of how we influence. I welcome you to experience my work as an influencer through some of the following activities.

I help influencers





I help Western businesses to sell into the East.

I help Eastern businesses to sell into the West.

Get China Business Ready

Advisory | Agency | Creative | Commerce | Channels

Distribution | Education | Media | Programs

Technology | Strategy

I help corporate teams


work online

Work from home - in real time

collaboration with your team

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) / Disaster Recovery (DR) Plans / Remote Team Collaboration / Microsoft Teams / Google Teams / WeChat Work / Real Time Collaboration / e-working / Work from Home / Mobility / Virtual Working / Work Remotely / Online Teams /

Telecommuting / Virtual Teams / Social Distancing / Coronavirus / Covid19

Management Consultancy / Agile / Scrum / Business Strategy

I'm available to

be an influencer for you


support your influence


engage and transform

your audience.

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