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Security. Recovery. Justice.

Experienced investigator and paralegal working on crypto recovery cases on contract to

I work closely with Glyn MacLean, who is the founder of The Dark Night Online (TDNO) across several of his businesses. This includes project management across complex technology, media, multicultural and humanitarian projects worldwide.

I operate in the capacity as the 2iC to


As a contractor I work remotely from New Zealand over the internet, supporting The Dark Night Online to help the victims of cryptocurrency crime who become our clients to be secure, recover lost funds, seek justice through law enforcement, supporting education and training, and helping the community.

I am also working with (the parent company of TDNO) as a producer and presenter

for a crypto crime documentary TV series. We are working with our clients to tell the story

about how organised criminals are preying on consumer communities with very little

accountability or support from the blockchain industry.

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