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Who hacked the Australian Prime Minister's WeChat? Find out

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

In the course of helping organisations to tell their stories, I became contracted to RCN Asia to provide stories that support people in the West to engage Asia.

This story is poignant because it shows the need to proactively take ownership of the administration of our online brands, especially when working across languages and cultures. The implications of mishandling brand connection can have severe economic and other impacts.

I researched the shocking news that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's WeChat Official Account had been “hacked”, and it turns out that the truth of this is much stranger than fiction. In the video on this post I reveal who "hacked" Scott Morrison's WeChat, what happened and how foreign brands can prevent this happening to them.

Watch the video - find out what happened.

You'll also find out how you can prevent this happening to you.

I share how WeChat accounts work, with advice as to

how you can take control of your brand in WeChat.

To learn more about WeChat,

click one of the items below.

Regional Manager, RCN Asia | NEW ZEALAND - Simon Young 杨瑾鸿


For more information on this story please contact


Huang Aipeng, Fuzhou 985 Information Technology

Richard Yuan, ABC World Pty Ltd

Echo Hui and Stephen Dziedzic, ABC News.

Frances Mao, BBC News / Yahoo

Donna Lu and Daniel Hurst, The Guardian Australia

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