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Multiplicity: The power of (more than) one

There are two ways to get out of any maze you're stuck in.

1. Go down every path, one by one, until you find the right one.

2. Go down every path AT THE SAME TIME, until you find the right one.

Which one is fastest? Number 2, of course. But nobody can be everywhere at once.

So it's impossible, right?

The deceptively simple answer is, it's possible. If you form a team and train them to take every path, you can find your answer.

And so it is with every problem.

See the problem,

...form the team,

...teach them how to work through a path,

...make sense of all the paths

... and find the solution.

This principle is called Multiplicity, and it is one of the hallmarks of Quantum computing.

We can use this in our human interactions, too. Learning to collaborate is a lifelong skill, and it just got more important, because the problems we face are more and more complex.

Multiply yourself.

Thanks to Glyn MacLean for inspiring this post.

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