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Recently, you may have seen updates to my Linkedin Profile.

These changes relate to how I have evolved bringing in the key people to take RED CIRCLE NETWORK clients to the Pinnacle of Business With China.

My company is improving how I support western businesses to capitalise on the Mountain of Opportunity that the Chinese Consumer now represents, both in China and right here at home in the West.

1.4 Billion Chinese Consumers is a Mountain of Opportunity for Business. 50 million Chinese people live outside China. New York - 570,000, Vancouver - 470,000 UK - 250,000, London - 120,000, However, let's take a look at Australasia! - 1.4 million, Sydney - 500,000, Melbourne - 350,000, Perth - 100,000, Brisbane - 100,000, New Zealand - 200,000 (most in Auckland).


Throughout 2017 and 2018, I engaged Management Consultant Glyn MacLean to assist me to create programs for commercial pathways into China. Together we have developed a global framework to help businesses in AU, UK, USA, CA, SA and SP through the RCN CHINA BUSINESS READY PROGRAMS, including pre-immersion in-market testing through a pilot program with market trials.


RCN organisational development programs incorporate a unique holistic approach, bundling China Business Advisory, China Marketing Agency, China Lead Creative Producer, Technology Support and Educational Training Partner to develop self-sufficiency.



There is a significant Mountain of opportunity with China, represented by 1.4 billion consumers engaging through social commerce. This creates an opportunity for Western digital and social commerce managers to "Just Add China".

The smart move is to repurpose and translate the language and context of your existing brand content. This content can then be deployed at peak seasonal times, for example there is an opportunity we call "Second Christmas". This is literally a second Christmas sales period for Western businesses for Chinese audiences in the Chinese New Year 2019 period.

Smart businesses are recognising that they can enlist RCN to prepare their marketing platforms over December / January to engage Chinese consumers in 2019.

We must understand that Chinese consumers have saved all year and have money burning a hole in their digital wallets (WeChat Pay and Alipay). The simple act of connecting those wallets to your business is a smart way of connecting not just to the 1.4 billion in China, this also connects to the 50 million consumers outside of China.

For Australia and New Zealand this is particularly good news, because a disproportionate number of Chinese consumers live down under. 1.4 million consumers are ready to buy for their community's version of Christmas in January.

Consequently, I have my team working through Christmas preparing those smart companies who have learned that they can capitalise on being the exclusive brands to embrace the Mountain of Opportunity with China.

This learning includes helping leaders and their teams to develop the soft skills and 'how-to' use emotional intelligence to achieve self-sufficiency. Managing your own China social commerce internally is the goal. This takes 12 months to learn, generating new revenue through cost-efficient technology. Providing your organisation with China business process optimisation - and so you are now China Business Ready.

Of course, you can try all of this on your own.

There's an easy way to find your way to the Pinnacle of climbing Mount Everest - the frozen bodies of climbers who didn't make it. Those same lessons can be learned from business death of brands who were wholly unprepared to engage Chinese consumers.

Dolce & Gabbana is one of those frozen mountaineers. It all goes wrong when you have missed understanding. We have to face up to our cultural ignorance and learn (I cover this in my video below, which includes Chinese consumers' feedback on that failure).

Successful brands have the emotional intelligence to understand that they need trusted guides, hence my role as a China Expeditionary Leader for your brand, acting as a head sherpa to bring teams of people in together, collaborating effectively to support your organisation to reach the pinnacle of business with China.

Watch this Presentation on how I am guiding western business into China. HOW TO REACH THE PINNACLE OF BUSINESS WITH CHINA - Presented by Simon Young.


In this video you've learnt about the importance of CHINESE NEW YEAR and SINGLES DAY, both of which have broken global records for sales volumes.

You've also learnt that Chinese consumers have been saving all year for what RCN calls the SECOND CHRISTMAS sales seasonality, and that extra revenue can be made by simply ADDING CHINA to your sales plan.

And you now know why RCN is working on China time right through Christmas with four inductions, to prepare our clients to capitalise on China Social Commerce seasonalities.

Western Social Commerce teams will go on holiday while we work away at setting up their digital stores, as RCN prepares brands to sell via WeChat in the lead up to February 5th, 2019.


To establish new standards, I have recently appointed Management Consultant Glyn MacLean as CEO, Australia and New Zealand. I've also made Glyn the majority shareholder so that he is incentivised to devote himself to assisting to build a world-class team.

Glyn assisted with structuring the China Business Advisory Board to accommodate Peggy Liu, which has paved the way for me to expand Board appointments and provide RCN clients with the best advisor in each field of expertise.

To this extent, I have also moved to a strategic guiding role as CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD and will govern RCN growth as GLOBAL DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS.

However the way to think about me is as your CHINA EXPEDITIONARY LEADER.

This is a realistic description, as you will have seen from the opening moments of the video above in my interview on a plane with Gabi Michael, co-owner of Gladfield Malt.

This may also be thought of as a HEAD SHERPA who collaborates with guides, advisors, and contractors, to support western businesses with the marketing air support and the on-the-ground distributor activities to Reach the Pinnacle of Business with China.


I will soon be introducing some world-leading influencers. Each has signed on to join my quest to be a trusted advisor, helping Western businesses to profit from the Mountain of Opportunity that 1.4 billion Chinese Customers presents.

Red Circle Network China Business Advisory Board.

• Simon Young | Chairman of the Board

• Glyn MacLean | Global Digital Commerce

• Peggy Liu | Strategic Relationships with China

• Adam-Paul Smolak | China Market Strategic Advisor

• Rocky Meng | China Legal & Compliance

• Paul O’Brien | China Export Success

• Jacky Leung | China/HK Accounting & Compliance

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